26 January 2020, around 9 PM last night my mother received a text from a friendly neighbour that “a cat” had been ran over by an unidentified black car. The perished was seen dragging itself to my house but succumbed to its injury and laid frozen right in front of my house.

I was just chilling with my mom in her room when the news broke. We had 2 cats; one is black and the other one is black and white. Mama (or Gegurl) had been with us for the last 9 years, whereas the black one is only few years old (my dad picked him up from a surau nearby after his prayer). My mom was panicked, she looked through the window to investigate. She saw Hitam on our car roof grooming himself, whereas Mama was nowhere to be found.

I went down to check her out. Hitam was already distressed, meowing at me as if he wanted to tell me something. I refused to acknowledge that the worst had happened, so I called her name many times. I saw no sight of her, so I shook the kibble jar to entice her. Still, no sight of her. My heart stopped for a moment.

I walked to the front gate and found her, still, on the road. Yes, it was her. Fueled with anger and not knowing who the culprit was, I cussed at the top of my lungs. I lifted her still-warm body and brought her inside of our porch. I wasn’t crying at all, just full of anger.

Told my mom to go for the jugular to the neighbours, which is justified. This isn’t the first time my cats got hit and run by these culprit(s) and no one had came forward to apologise before. I demanded a face-to-face apology this time around because I’ve had enough with their lack of empathy and accountability.

We live in a double stretched residential blocks with one road coming in and out. Therefore, speeding in this area is frowned upon. I’ve had my fair shares of annoyance with some idiots driving more than 40km/h in this area and had never tolerated with their entitlements. I don’t care if you are older than me, but if you can’t respect the basic rights of any living things sharing this same soil as you do, you are not worth respecting.

And then this one lady made a foolish remark about too many cats in this area. Instead of empathising, she justified the hit and run ignorantly. I was already boiling with anger, decided to put some statements to my mom telling them to have a decency to apologise, at least. Alas, no one apologises.

Im a big grudge-holder. I can forgive when it is due. As this isn’t an isolated case, I will hold my forgiveness in this world, until the culprit(s) apologise to me personally.

There were so many memories with Mama. I was lucky to be around from her birth till her last breath. Im glad I fed her last meal several hours before the incident and petted her with unconditional love. She (and my dead cats) didn’t deserve this world and the people she had encountered in her lifetime.

Im blessed to have been given the opportunity to be raised in a household of cats. I learned the meaning of responsibility, loyalty, love, compassion and parenthood. I learned that kindness to animals is unrequited materially, but spiritually. If I were given a choice of raising a child or a pet, I’ll choose the latter.