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About Me

A millennial who has just entered 3 series in January 2020, looking to embark on many new projects in the next 10 years, or for a lifetime. One of them is to kick-start a blog content writing for personal and professional pursuit, which I held back for years.

I always said to myself that my life will start at 30. Back in the days, I imagined it would be just like in a movie where at first I didn’t know what to do with my life then a miracle happened and I, suddenly, rose to the occasion.

In reality, the turning of events leading to where I am now is not unusual, with a teaspoon of excitement and a spoonful of introspection. It is very silly to rely on lucks, so I chose to fight my natural instinct to yield in my introversion and take a leap of faith in blog content writing.

That’s not all, this website will also become my SEO and SEM playgrounds. And I look forward to fruitful collaborations (very upfront and intentional lol). To partner up for engaging content writing gigs, navigate to the HIRE ME page.

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this blog are of my own.