Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

It took me a good 10 minutes to start writing this first sentence. Physically, I’m starring at the blank white space whereas my mind is observing angel and devil quarreling over this initiative.

On the bright side angel is winning, evidently. But the devil is locking the substance of the topic. Hence, I’m still struggling to find a purpose of writing this.

I know I had been slacking off for months to get this blog writing project up and running and am very guilty about it. There were an array of unexpected events that caught me off guard these past months that I’d like to put the blame on to for my procrastination.

It is easier to point finger than admitting one’s fault. I realise that the others 3 are pointing back at me directly; I’m not a fool, I just don’t like to seemingly admit it. Playing the blame game used to be my favourite mental Olympic sports lol.

The main reason for this hesitation is that I was struggling to decide the purpose of this project, whether it is for personal or professional. So, I consulted a few of my close friends to help me decide. The thing is, I always wanted to make it personal whereby I don’t have an obligation to post it over a deadline. Put simply, I want to reignite my writing hobby.

But then, I see an opportunity to make this project a side income that can pay for my commitment and lifestyle. I’m a Capricorn and I can’t help it that I have a strong feeling for money, recognition and achievement. While they may seem like a hedonistic pursuit, I look at them as a fuel of motivation.

You know when there is a purpose with a clear objective, we tend to fixate on the result, right? If I’m putting my attention, hard work and sweat into a project, I want to reap what I sow. Regardless if this project is for personal or professional, there is a goal for it. As long as I start and keep on doing it, one fine day I will get what I want.

Alright, here goes…